Sorry, Beijing InfoComms 4K video booth is too crowded.


Sorry, Beijing InfoComms 4K video booth is too crowded.

2019-09-23 18:25

From April 11th to 13th, Beijing National Convention Center, ValueHD series 4K video products participated in the InfoComm China2018 exhibition!

Applying more than ten years of high-definition 720p, 1080p video market, like the feeling of long-term drought and nectar, ushered in a full range of ultra-high-definition 4K video products, Made in VHD. Many experience customers, potential customers, negotiation customers, cooperating customers, media customers, ODM customers, channel partners, etc. are deeply experienced and exchanged here. Our booth is very crowded and the space experience of our guests is seriously affected. We apologize for this!

The reasons for the crowded booth are as follows:
Reason 1: The length of the booth is only 6 meters, which is not as spacious as the conference hall. There are two or three waves of guests watching and talking inside, and later customers can only watch and wait outside the booth.

Reason 2: The guests are all over the world, not only in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea. It is said that African guests also want to negotiate with us to deploy 4K video as soon as possible. Leading to the tight reception space of our exhibition.


Reason 3: The media is always entangled in us. Let us explain the inside story of 4K video, which is a waste of time and space.


Fortunately, the reception team was in a hurry, and our reception team was in a hurry. A wall was built at the entrance of the exhibition, and the customers who were going to watch the progress were successfully stopped on the sidelines to solve the space worry.


I am really sorry that the guests have not experienced enough at the scene. If you feel that the scene is too crowded, please let us say sorry! At the same time, please contact us as soon as possible, we will make a special trip to your unit to visit and exchange, or please raise your feet to visit ValueHD company / marketing center.