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Q: Are you a manufacturer or trading company?

A: Manufacturer with more than 10 years experience.

Q: What are your main products?

A: We have been focusing on the production of HD&4K video cameras and their accessories since our foundation in 2008.

Q: Can you do OEM / ODM for us?

A: Of cause. Let us know what you need, we'll do it for you.

Q: Can we visit your factory?

A: Yes, warmly welcome to visit our factory anytime, our factory is only half an hour driving from the Baoan Airport.

Q: If there is any problem with your products, should we have a refund or replacement?

A: If there is any problem within one year, you will get a brand new replacement.

Q: What is your delivery time?

A: For samples, within 2 working days after payment received. For bulk orders, it depends on your quantity and requirements on OEM / ODM.

Q: What is the video conferencing terminal?

A: 1. What is the video conferencing terminal, which is used to encode, package, and transmit video and audio data to the remote end over the network. The device that receives the data transmitted from the remote end performs unpacking and decoding, and contacts the network with the end-user to implement the network application is called a video conference terminal.

     2. The cost of the hardware video conferencing terminal is relatively high, but the video quality is good, the scalability is good, and the stability is good. The cost of software video conferencing terminals is relatively low, and the equipment is relatively simple and stable compared to hardware video conferencing.

     3. A video conferencing terminal generally refers to a hardware video conferencing system and is part of a core component. It also includes audio and video input and output devices such as cameras, microphones, speakers, central controls, mixers, matrices, projectors, or LCD monitors.

Q: Do I need to unplug the receiver and turn off the switch every time I use a wireless product?

A: The product has an automatic power-saving mode design. When the user does not use it for a period of time, it will automatically enter the power-saving state. Therefore, there is no need to turn off the switch when not in use.

Q: Cursor jitter?

A: 1. Please check if there are other wireless devices nearby;
    2. Please check whether the lens hole of the bottom cover is dirty;
    3. Check whether the lower cover and mouse pad are uneven. Please replace another mouse pad.

Q: Does the cursor move with the mouse?

A: 1. Use a mouse pad;
    2. Please move the mouse on the white paper to determine if the cursor does not move due to the special surface used.

Q: Can not work normally?

A: 1. Whether the device is turned on;
    2. Check whether the receiver is plugged into the USB interface of the host;
    3. Unable to recognize the receiver and reinsert the receiver;
    4. Whether the battery is reversed;
    5. Need to replace a new battery;
    6. Check the surrounding wireless interference;
    7. There are no major obstacles within the communication range;

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