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After Sales Service

Product after-sales warranty policy

From the date of your purchase of the ValueHD series of products, during the product warranty period, in the invoice (ie consumption certificate: receipt, sales order, delivery note, computer receipt, invoice, etc., including the product name and amount of consumption certificate) and warranty card, ValueHD after-sales service can be enjoyed free of charge if the equipment is completely damaged.

Warranty process

1. After-sales problems need to provide photos and videos through QQ to customer service to confirm the problem, please contact our after-sales service department through QQ, can be in the lower right corner of the official website during working hours (Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5 pm) "Contact the customer service and perform [maintenance registration].

2. According to the customer service prompts, the products that need to be repaired, and the after-sales application form, warranty card, invoice sent to the official maintenance outlets of customer service instructions. The after-sales application form can be printed or handwritten. Regardless of the method, the contact address, the telephone number, the contact name, and the problem point of the device, the four items must be clearly stated.

3. After the product is repaired, the maintenance personnel will send the product back according to the contact information on the after-sales application form provided by the user.

4. Important reminder: When sending to the official designated maintenance point, please confirm that you have already registered the information with the customer service, confirm that the product is returned at the prompt of the customer service, and provide the order number to the customer service. Since the company parcels are all collected by the security guard, the products sent without contacting the customer service will be idled or returned, and the return shipping costs will be borne by the sender.


1. Please note that any products purchased from unofficial authorized channels will not be able to enjoy the Yihai after-sales maintenance service. (User can ask the dealer authorization number before purchasing the product, and enter the dealer authorization number to verify the official website ID query.)

2. before the package is sent to our designated maintenance point, please be sure to contact the customer to do the maintenance registration, otherwise, your package may be untracked or lost, or unattended.

3. In case of holidays or national statutory holidays, the processing time for returning to the factory will be extended. Please understand.

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